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The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter

September 20 2016 by Editorial Team | Category: Digiscoping

The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter
  • The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter developed for full-frame cameras
  • The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter TLS APO 43 mm in combination with ATX 85 and full-frame camera
  • The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter The complete range of custom digiscoping adapters for cameras
  • The new TLS APO 43 mm digiscoping adapter The PA-i6 digiscoping adapter for iPhones and ATX 65 spotting scope

The perfect solution for all digiscopers – adapters are now available for all camera variants. First came SLRs, then system cameras and different iPhone®* adapters, and now full-frame cameras too: With the new TLS APO 43 mm, SWAROVSKI OPTIK completes its range of custom digiscoping adapters.

“Constantly improving what is good”: Under this motto, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has completed its range of digiscoping adapters, fulfilling digiscopers’ every desire. The TLS APO 43 mm now enables owners of full-frame cameras to enjoy the benefits of digiscoping without vignetting too. Photography and observing now go hand in hand. Compared with a telephoto lens, the entire digiscoping system offers great advantages with its light weight and ease of use, and also proves to be extremely rugged as, for example, the spotting scopes are 100% watertight. The high focal length (> 1000 mm) allows you to conquer even greater distances with digiscoping.

The design and fitting of the TLS APO 43 mm remain the same as the other models: TLS APO 30 mm (for APS-C/DX-SLR cameras) and the TLS APO 23 mm (for Micro Four Thirds system cameras). The well-known T2 adapters for Canon, Nikon, and Sony are also used with the TLS APO 43 mm and can be ordered with it from SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

With the TLS APO 43 mm, owners of a full-frame camera now have a custom solution to enable them to benefit from the same advantages that the TLS APO 30 mm or TLS APO

23 mm offer to users of those cameras. These advantages include shorter exposure times for maximum image sharpness. SWAROVSKI OPTIK is now pleased to be able to offer the entire range of digiscoping adapters.

The TLS APO 43 mm will be available on request from selected specialist retailers and from spring 2017.

You can find all SWAROVSKI OPTIK TLS APO models here.

*iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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Posted on Oktober 04, 2016, 21:32

Yay! Now there is a specific TLS APO photo adapter for all three kinds of DSLR camera sensors - DX, Micro 4/3, and FX. I am looking forward to the TLS APO 43!


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