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“When new staff join us, they immediately pick up on the special ambience that pervades the company. It is a combination of drive and sense of belonging, in the knowledge that every task fulfills a particular purpose and has meaning.” (Carina Schiestl-Swarovski)



At SWAROVSKI OPTIK we value the commitment, knowledge, and creativity of all our staff. We can achieve success in our work if we all see some meaning in it and go happily about it.

We value and actively promote a good work/life balance and the health of our employees. Our aim is to create attractive jobs and safeguard them in the long term. On the one hand, this is our corporate responsibility, while, on the other, it is a vital factor contributing to everyone’s happiness.

We believe in the importance of showing respect and appreciation in our dealings with each other, and we support our staff in their personal development. This underlines our conviction that: It is people who are at the heart of our business.


At SWAROVSKI OPTIK, we offer careers with prospects. Be part of our team. Apply now!



We offer targeted initiatives and a wide range of employee benefits to ensure that everyone is happy in their workplace.


Workplace and conditions

  • Fair pay
  • Interesting, challenging work
  • Child care: Our “OptikS Wichtelwald” kindergarten and nursery makes it easier to combine work and family life.
  • Flexible working hours (flextime and part-time options)
  • Staff events (e.g. Christmas party)
  • Career and development opportunities within the company
  • Mentoring/induction program: New members of staff are given a mentor and an individual induction program.
  • Targeted training programs, management development
  • Appraisal interviews, employee satisfaction analysis, and 360° feedback
  • Works transport service, company parking spaces
  • Modern, well-equipped offices, and most workplaces are accessible for disabled staff


Food and drink

  • Canteen: Our canteen offers local, seasonal produce and four different menus to choose from every day (including vegetarian and low-carb options).
  • Healthy light meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Talks on healthy eating, along with cookery and baking courses


Health and fitness

  • Optik Vital: We offer in-house courses in sports and relaxation (e.g. yoga, Pilates, back care, Nordic walking, meditation).
  • Company sports club (e.g. soccer tournaments, skiing, hiking)
  • Participation in sports events (e.g. corporate races)
  • Advice and treatment available from company physician (e.g. eye tests, vaccinations)
  • Workplace health and safety evaluations
  • Promotion of mental health (e.g. coaching, conflict management, stress evaluation)


Other perks and benefits

  • Company pension (voluntary contributions)
  • Staff discounts/special offers
  • Staff bonuses and gifts
  • Subsidized transport


Our ongoing growth means we are always looking for motivated people to join us in the following areas: Manufacturing Technology, Finance & Administration, Research & Development, Marketing & Sales, Production, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, and Building Technology.


We also welcome unsolicited applications, applications for summer jobs/internships, and students who are working on their final theses.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK also offers apprenticeships in Precision Optics, Machining Technology, and Automation and Process Control.


Browse our vacancies here.

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