One with nature: the NL Pure in the hands of huntress Berit Helland

July 16 2020


One with nature: the NL Pure in the hands of huntress Berit Helland

Berit Grøtteland Helland, a huntress from Norway, was one of the first to try the new NL Pure in the field. Let her tell you about her experiences with our brand-new binoculars.


“Nature means everything to me.” – Berit Grøtteland Helland, Norwegian huntress


One with nature

Berit notes that if she spends just one day without going outside, her mood gets worse. Like many lovers of the outdoors, Berit needs to be out in nature. Running through the mountains with her dog Rocky clears her mind.




“You don’t remember the evenings you spent in front of the TV. In the world we live in today, it is very important to get out in nature, turn your phone to flight mode and enjoy the moment.” - Berit


One with the moment

Being present in the here and now, enjoying the moment, is what SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s customers are striving for. Our optical devices bring people closer to the unique preciousness of the present moment. With the NL Pure's amazing field of view, outdoors adventures may turn into #onewithnature moments.




For Berit, the wide field of view means:

“You see more and better. You get more control over the situation because you see the animal you hunt, but at the same time a lot of the surroundings.” - Berit


One with you

The value of a product is defined by how likely you are to use it and how much joy it brings you. Berit noticed that she did not want to let go of the NL Pure when she took the binoculars for a test run the first time:



“The day I got the NL Pure, my dog Rocky and I went out to find deer in the evening. I put Rocky on the leash and we went into the woods. We did not go very far before Rocky started to work against the wind, finding deer. I am used to having a bino harness around my body, so the binos are stable and not hanging around making noise, while holding Rocky’s line in my left hand. However, this evening, after a few hundred meters of approaching the deer, I noticed that I had been holding the binos in my right hand all the way. They fit perfectly into my hands, thus it felt just so natural to carry them during the entire stalk.“ - Berit


Berit is also a huge fan of the FRP forehead rest NL Pure that will be available as an accessory. Although she was confused by the look of it at first, she has become addicted to it since she first took the NL Pure and the FRP on a stalk.



“When you are stalking, you take one step, you look through the binos, you take another step. Thanks to the three touchpoints, it was so easy for me to hold the binoculars still. No shaking, even when the adrenaline and my heartbeat was rising. The FRP is perfect for stalking. It feels so natural, as if the binos were connected to my body. Really awesome shape!” - Berit


The FRP is a real comfort booster no matter whether you are observing while stalking, sneaking or sitting down.


One with perfection

The NL Pure’s optical prowess lets you perceive the smallest details. In the thicket of trees and bushes, it can be very hard to find a brown ear, an eye, or a tail between the wood, needles and leaves. For Berit, “quality of the optics makes the difference.”


Berit’s highlight:

„So happy with the new NL Pure. We managed to get as close as 20 meters to the deer we approached on our first adventure.” - Berit



About Berit Grøtteland Helland:

Born in 1992 into a Norwegian family of foxhunters, Berit has always had a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. She loves roaming through the mountains and chasing sunsets with her dog Rocky. You might also find her fishing salmon, skiing, farming or hunting in her home in Norway. Although you better keep an eye out for her anywhere, because this young outdoor enthusiast is also passionate about travelling. Berit has been testing the NL Pure 8x42 since spring 2020 and loves to take it with her whenever she goes looking for wildlife. On her stalks for deer, moose or reindeer, she relies on her EL Range 8x42 in combination with her Z6i 2.5-15x56 rifle scope and the ballistic turret. In Berit’s eyes, these two are a perfect match, as they help her to hunt ethically. Thanks to the EL Range, she can measure distances accurately, adjust the rifle with the ballistic turret and place a precise shot with the Z6i’s adjustable magnification.


“Training is very important, but knowing the exact distance makes you calmer when pulling the trigger. Because once you do not have to worry about the distance anymore, you can direct all your focus on taking out the right animal and releasing a perfect shot.” – Berit


Let Berit tell you about herself in her own words: From foxes to reindeers.

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Stay tuned at #onewithnature for more inspiring stories of hunters trying out the NL Pure.


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