„I live with nature and all its facets.” – Mina von Mengden, passionate huntress

Januar 18 2020

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„I live with nature and all its facets.” – Mina von Mengden, passionate huntress

Why does a young woman in her early twenties decide to become a hunter? For Mina von Mengden this choice did not only mean to gain new insights and friends, but also paved the way to a more ecological lifestyle and fulfilling life.

Travelling the world Mina met many special people. She was most impressed by hunters who despite their humble living conditions managed to captivate her with their stories. Tales were told of adventures and hunting your own dinner. In that moment, Mina realized just how precious food was and she suddenly knew what she wanted: to learn more about the earth in order to be able to aliment herself in a conscious, mindful, and independent way.


„Hunting embodies my ecological lifestyle.“ – Mina von Mengden

Knowing exactly where her food came from was Mina’s objective. Thus, she got her fishing license and then her hunting permit. Although some people in her life did not understand why she would take that path, Mina knew in her heart: I am not the only one who wants to learn more and treat nature with care as well as respect.


“Nature is something very special, in my eyes.” – Mina von Mengden

Her hunting training taught Mina to appreciate the special value of nature even more. When she realized just how many people existed who did no longer see the beauty of the miracle called nature, she was shocked. Today, Mina deeply enjoys roaming through the hunting grounds while being able to identify the animals and plants along the way. Strolling through forests and meadows along curved mountainsides fills her with joy.




„Nature is my home.“ – Mina von Mengden

In the Tyrolean mountains near the German border, Mina has found a new home in her hunting grounds. She describes the area spreading over 830 hectares (about 2,050 acres) as “rich in species, interesting, and mystical”. Surrounded by Alpine peaks, she is hunting game together with her husband Florian. The mountainous terrain is challenging for hunters as reaching the hides is strenuous and the weather can drastically and abruptly change from clear to stormy.


“For me, taking care of the game means being there for them when they need us most.” – Mina von Mengden

However, the rough landscape cannot keep the young nature enthusiasts from taking care of their game population in winter: together they maintain, clean, and fill feeding grounds, put up signs to mark the quiet zones, so that ski tourers can stay well clear of the sites, and they keep a watchful eye on their stock. It is their way of expressing their love of nature.




“Harvesting game is secondary in hunting. What you see is the most important thing.” – Florian von Mengden

Mina fully identifies with her husband’s statement. Roaming through her hunting grounds, she sees nature closer thanks to her high-quality equipment. The EL 32 binoculars make every observation an unforgettable experience. With the smart dS rifle scope, Mina stays focused even in challenging situations.


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