„Nature is of vital importance to me.“ – huntress Eva Erlacher describing her relationship with nature

Januar 15 2020


„Nature is of vital importance to me.“ – huntress Eva Erlacher describing her relationship with nature

Becoming mindful. Every step – a careful move. Perceiving your surroundings with heightened senses. Aware of every detail. Through hunting training Eva Erlacher’s vision of nature changed.


„I am perceiving much more now, such as animals, tracks or faeces.” – Eva Erlacher

The young Austrian had always been close to nature. However, through hunting Eva’s understanding of, appreciation of, and responsible interaction with nature deepened. Today, she is a passionate, proud, and reasonable huntress.


„Nature is of vital importance to me.“ – Eva Erlacher

While hunting, Eva can leave her hectic daily business behind to be present in the moment. In her hunting grounds, located in the Carinthian mountains, she finds peace drawing strength from being close to nature. She loves her family’s hut, which lies within the premises of the hunting grounds.




„Getting up in the morning and starting to hunt right at your doorstep is wonderful.” – Eva Erlacher

Actually, Eva had merely been looking for a hobby that she could practice together with her father. Spending some quality time outdoors was the original goal. Eva could not anticipate just how much of an impact this decision would have on her life.


„I consciously decided to become a huntress in my adult years.” – Eva Erlacher

Although Eva’s family has no hunting background, she – in a way – made a career out of her passion. Hunting is always on her mind, no matter whether she is scanning the forest from a raised hide in Southern Austria or sitting in front of her desk in Vienna. The young woman has already written several articles for hunting magazines and legal publications. She teaches hunting and weapons law at university. Thus, she is delving into hunting both during her working hours and in her time off.


„I love the winter and taking care of the game in this calmer time of the year.” – Eva Erlacher

In winter, Eva especially enjoys watching game. She loves this calmer time of the year, when hunters roam through the woods “armed” merely with cameras, feed, and tools. Taking care of the game in her hunting ground fills Eva with joy. As is tradition in the Alpine region, she maintains the feeding stands and refills them with alimentation.




Enhanced perception – thanks to hunting training and high-quality optics

On her hunts, Eva enjoys relying on excellent optics. Thanks to the high-quality products manufactured by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, she experiences unforgettable moments spotting game with the EL O-Range binoculars. Additionally, excellent scopes, such as the Z8i, give her the surety she needs to place a precise shot.


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