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One with nature: Icelandic experiences with the NL Pure

Juli 02 2020


One with nature: Icelandic experiences with the NL Pure

Alma and Gunnar, went outdoors with our latest innovation: the NL Pure binoculars. Discover what they experienced.

The Icelandic couple loves to go outdoors after a busy day at work. Reconnecting with nature, helps them reset their minds. They are lucky to live close to a vast area of untouched landscape, ideal for evening hiking.


One with the moment

Alma and Gunnar took the NL Pure with them on one of their hikes. Through our latest invention, they watched Ptarmigans, Golden Plovers, and Common Redshanks in the last light of the day. A lone Arctic Fox broke the silence with a roaring call, right before he left his hole for the evening.




“The amazingly wide field of view of the NL Pure allowed us to locate the fox rather easily, given the volcanic landscape he was traveling over.” – Alma & Gunnar


One with perfection

However, the field of view of more than 70° is not the only highlight the NL Pure has to offer.




“The sharpness and colour fidelity of the binoculars made it possible for us to watch the fox even in the vanishing light conditions at dusk.” – Alma & Gunnar


With its outstanding optical performance, the NL Pure is redefining the art of observation.


One with you

Unparalleled in ergonomics and amazingly light, the NL Pure truly is a binocular like no other. Hands of all shapes and sizes will find that the balance is simply outstanding.




“What really impressed us was how steady we were able to hold the NL Pure with a single hand.” – Alma & Gunnar




The outdoors – a family adventure

Alma and Gunnar love to share their passion for the outdoors with their three-year-old daughter Kría. The young girl deeply enjoys spending time outside. As her parents, Alma and Gunnar are very aware of their responsibility to teach Kría about the flora and fauna surrounding her - and about the responsibilities and respect that we owe Mother Earth as human beings. The young couple is very proud about how quickly Kría picks up this knowledge and how eager she is to learn.




One with nature

After a long day of kindergarten and work, the young family decided to go out together on a hike to recharge with their NL Pure. The day was wonderful, and they took their time on a mindful walk, just listening, feeling, and smelling their beautiful surroundings. One of the highlights was when Kría was glassing through the NL Pure.




“The delicate and streamlined shape helped three-year-old Kría to manage the scope surprisingly well.” – Alma & Gunnar


The wide field of view also made everything so much easier for her. She got extremely excited and proud when she spotted a rabbit from a long distance. For her parents, being outdoors and seeing nature through the eyes of a child makes them remember to stay curious and to never take Mother Earth for granted.




The NL Pure will hit stores in September 2020. Until then, make sure to stay tuned at #onewithnature for more inspiring stories.




About Alma, Gunnar & Kría

Gunnar and Alma try to lead a life as close to nature as possible. Together with their daughter Kría, they live in a small town close to Reykjavík.

Alma and Gunnar rely on the following SWAROVSKI OPTIK products for observation: the NL Pure 8x42, EL Range 10x42 W B and ATX 25-60x65.

Find out more about Alma and Gunnar in our online magazine. The article also includes some insider tips (at the end), which may come in handy should you think about visiting Iceland.

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